About Us

Our mission is to deliver superior cladding solutions that are attractive and affordable and create a healthy living environment.

We will develop and deliver products and solutions of the highest quality that are environmentally friendly and meet the aesthetic and performance needs of the design community.

Our History

Ceraclad South’s Fiber Cement Siding System is a composite material that provides low-maintenance, long-lasting exterior solutions.

Our products are utilized nationally and internationally and our clients include multi-location national chains to one-off commercial construction projects.

Our goal is to help you design and build a project that meets budgets, timelines, and design requirements. 

Our Services

Ceraclad South offers innovative spec and design support, budgeting and estimating services, fabrication, engineering, and project management services which include complete turn-key, seamless installations.
We help clients achieve unique designs by providing complete product sourcing, assisting in the development of prototypical drawings, and creating custom materials and/or finishes.


We will strive

to be a trusted, reliable, and highly performing partner for the design and construction community by providing superior products and quality services with integrity, efficiency, and a passion for success while exceeding the customers’ expectations through teamwork.

As a global group

of companies, we must understand and respect the diverse cultures, religions, mindsets, laws and regulations of our people in the different communities we serve with a shared set of behaviors and values.

We empower

our group companies to help them lead their businesses, so we can win through the right people and teams with the right capabilities and effective leadership at all levels to enable everyone to give their best to customers.

We acknowledge

that communication is the most important component within any project. We will establish a good communication process to keep people from all parties engaged and project teams motivated, all within the framework of compliance which governs all that we do.

We will seek

opportunities in change and trends, and translate them into concrete business opportunities. We take a long-term view, framed in a robust set of principles and values that are based on solid progresses in collaboration with our diverse partners to harmonize global business requirements into quality management systems.

Cereclad South is an Independent Authorized US Distributor of Ceraclad Products and has no affiliation with Ceraclad / KMEW USA, INC.



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